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Icelandic Activities

Blue Lagoon Activity Holidays
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A modern man made leisure facility, created by a reservoir of naturally heated geothermal and naturally healing waters.
Whale Watching in Iceland
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Here in the right season you'll see whales, dolphins, minky whales and blue whales in a calm protected fjord location.
Rafting in Iceland
A fun experience and great way to be with the nature that Iceland has plenty to offer, a good introduction to this extremely exciting activity.
4 x 4 Jeep activities
Big cars are what you need in Iceland and after taking control of a 4x4 you can see why. The only way to travel in a rough and ready style.
Skidoo snowmobile riding acitvity
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Come and feel the wonder of the glacier. Come and enjoy the breathtaking views. Pilot a snowmobile by yourself.
Fishing in Iceland
Most likely the best place in Europe to fish in an archetypical river flowing over virgin earth into the open Atlantic.
Horseriding in Iceland
Here you can see an abundance of horses running free over open land and where you can yourself run free on horseback.