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Day Trips

Reykjavik Grand Excursion:
Experience the best of the city, art and culture, history and present-day. This tour is a 2.5 hour tour and highlights the best of Reykjavik city. The tour involves moderate walking, through the city centre.
Duration: 3 hours (max). Price: £25.
The Golden Circle:
Golden Circle
This has been our most popular tour for years. You encounter a cross-section of the natural wonders of Iceland, geological and historical, making numerous stops along the way to experience the present and the past.
Duration: 8 hours (max). Price: £69.
Gullfoss Geysir Direct:
In one afternoon spend time encountering a cross-section of the natural wonders and geological phenomena of Iceland.
Duration: 6 hours (max). Price: £60.
Northern Lights Tour:
Northern Lights
Join us on a tour outside Reykjavik for an exciting hunt for the Northern lights. During certain weather conditions, i.e. on crispy cold and still winter evenings, this magnificent natural wonder can be seen, dancing across the arctic sky.
Duration: 3 hours (max). Price: £40.
Northern Lights Super Jeep:
As above in a super Jeep instead of a coach.
Duration: 3 hours (max). Price: £80.
South Shore Adventure:
South Shore Adventure
Visit Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss - high waterfalls with a soul. Beautiful farmland. Sandy coastline. Amazing rock formations. Glaciers in the distance and Sólheimajökull glacier up close when possible - a stop at the edge of the glacier. Historic area and main stage for the notorious saga of Njall. Mt. Eyjafjöll - towering over some of the most wonderful countryside of Iceland. Vķk - the southern-most town in Iceland. Eyrarbakki - quaint, picturesque village.
Duration: 10 hours (max). Price: £85.
Mystical Snaefellsness inc boat trip:
The cone-shaped ice-covered volcano is featured in Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne. Tour the Snaefellsnes peninsula, sailing in Breidajordur bay, and experience the wonderful scenery and birdlife.
Duration: 13 hours (max). Price: £130.
Glaciers and History:
Spectacular waterfalls and scenery - from lush valleys to great glaciers: experience the vast contasts of Iceland. Visit the Pingvellir National Park - the site of the original legislative assembly of the Vikings.
Duration: 9 hours (max). Price: £69.
Blue Whale Watching:
Whale Watching
Whale watching from Ólafsvķk on the Snęfellsnes peninsula. Come and see whales in a breathtaking area of Iceland and catch a possible view of the famous glacier, Snęfellsjökull.
Duration: 13 hours (max). Price: £165.
Horses and Hot Springs:
Horses, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls and more. The tour begins with up to 2 hours of horse riding through lava fields. After this, continue by coach to the world famous geysir hot spring area.
Duration: 9 hours (max). Price: £65.
Winter Adventure:
See and experience glaciers at close proximity. During the tour you have the option of riding an all terrain vehicle, a quad bike or a snowmobile.
Duration: 10 hours (max). Price: £110.
Žorsmork Nature Reserve:
Žórsmörk is a beautiful nature reserve situated between three glaciers. There are many hiking trails through valleys with birch trees, glacial rivers, streams and wonderful mountain scenery. Hśsadalur has an excellent range of accommodation, including cabins and a camping area with shower and sauna.
Duration: 10 hours (max). Price: £75.
Landmannalaugar and Saga Valley:
Iceland has beautiful scenery in abundance and this tour has some of the most breathtaking and most beautiful sceneries in the country.
Duration: 11 hours (max). Price: £85.
Afternoon Arrival via Blue Lagoon:
Blue Lagoon
What better way to start your Iceland adventure than bathing in the famous Blue Lagoon to soothe and refresh body and soul after a flight from Europe? Passengers arriving at Keflavķk Airport have the option of taking a special Flybus to the nearby Blue Lagoon, before heading off for Reykjavķk.
Duration: 3 hours (max). Price: £30.
Blue Lagoon Evening Tour:
Blue Lagoon - a most unique lagoon for bathing and healthful rejuvenation. (Non-guided tour).
Duration: 4 hours (max). Price: £70.
Blue Lagoon and Leisurely Horse Ride:
This tour is an ideal combination between the wonderful, versatile and docile Icelandic horse, the beautiful and untamed nature and the incredible Blue Lagoon.
Duration: 7 hours (max). Price: £70.
Reykjanes Blue Lagoon Sightseeing:
Enjoy the power and serenity of nature on the Reykjanes peninsula, a region characterized by rough and mossy lava fields, bird cliffs and pounding ocean surf, as well as incredible forces of nature.
Duration: 6 hours (max). Price: £50.