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Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland

We at Avis want you to have a good and joyful experience driving around Iceland. Therefore, Avis has been working hard with the authorities to improve information and road conditions.
We would like to emphasize the importance of driving carefully on the Icelandic roads. We care for our customer and want you to have a wonderful experience when driving in Iceland. Iceland has so many things to give and so many wonderful things to see, but at the same time Iceland can be very unforgiving to anyone that is not careful whilst driving.

There are few things that you should be aware of when driving in Iceland:

Gravel roads
There are many gravel roads in Iceland. Often they come straight after a nice asphalt road with a small sign that is easy to miss. If you drive fast onto a gravel road and the car starts to turn – slow down steadily and don't panic.

You might have to cross rivers and streams if you are planning a trip to the highlands in a 4x4. However, you are crossing them at your own risk. No insurance covers water damages and they can be very expensive.

Seat belts
are required by law both in front and backseats of the car. Most serious accident in the past years occurred because passengers or drivers were not wearing seatbelts.

Maximum speed
is 90 km per hour on regular roads and 80 km per hour on gravel roads. However, always drive according to the circumstances and in a way you feel comfortable with!

Sheep in Iceland roam around freely
They don't know the traffic rules and might sprint across the road in front of your car. Hitting a sheep is dangerous and will result in damages to the car (and of course the sheep). No insurance covers damages caused by animals.

The sunlight
in Iceland is different. You might get drowsy while driving and easily fall asleep during driving after hours of hiking in the country. If you feel you are drowsy please pull over and close your eyes for a short time and you will feel refreshed again.

Traffic signs
In Iceland some traffic signs are unique. You may not have seen them before. In your car you will find a brochure on those signs. Please acquaint yourself with them.

if you are driving a car you have not driven before, it may behave differently to your own car, so we encourage you to drive with extra care.

Again it is our honest wish that you have a wonderful experience in Iceland and that your travel will bring you home safely with great memories. By driving in Iceland you'll experience the country to the utmost but let's do it without accidents.

Some useful road distances

Golden Circle;

Rekjavik to Pingvellir 49km
Reykjavik Hveragerdi 45km
Reykjavik to Geysir  125 km
Reykjavik to Gullfoss 135km

Driving East.

Reykjavik to Hella   100 km
Rekjavik to Skogar 154km
Reykjavik to Vik      190 km
Reykjavik to Skaftafell   327 km
Reykjavik to Hofn   459 km
Reykjavik to Egilsstadir  654 km

Driving West

Reykjavik to Hellissandur  204 km
Reykjavik to Borganes  75 km
Reykjavik to Isafjordur 457km
Reykjavik to Blonduos 244 km
Reykjavik to Akureyri  389km
Reykjavik to Husavik  480km
Akureyri to Husavik  91km
Akureyri to Egilsstadir 266km

Ring Road Circumnavigation  1350km
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