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Reykjavik Nightlife

Reykjavík's nightlife is spectacular and diverese, catering to every taste and age group. For lovers of the ancient arts of conversation and socializing, there are pubs in abundance downtown.Several pubs and nightsports feature live music, and there's a choice of discos for those who can't sleep unless they've danced the night away.

On weekends, unless you start before 9 PM, be prepared to wait in line to get in and there is sometimes some entrance fee, usually from 500 ISK to 1500 and most of the time a drink is included. The night is always young at pubs and nightspots in Reykjavík, whatever the time of year. Over the summer weekends and if the weather is good, Icelanders party en masse, usually around Laekjartorg, the so called Spring square, in the center of the oldest part of Reykjavík.

At night Iceland is the place to see the Northern Lights!  So if you don't fancy a night out on the town, take a tour to see the this fantsatic natural phenonenan.
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