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Golden Circle & Fontana Spa

Golden Circle & Fontana Spa

Tour price £120.00per person

Tour takes you on a full day excursions to the active geothermal area of South Iceland, visit to the Geysir, Gullfoss and other destinations and completes the geothermal experience with a dip to Laugarvatn Fontana where you truly have a first-hand experience of the geothermal at the baths. For almost a century, locals have been enjoying the healing powers of the natural steam baths in the community of Laugarvatn, next to the lake of the same name. Only an hour from Reykjavík, nature has created unique surroundings at Laugarvatn FONTANA, where healing geothermal heat simmers directly from the ground and the landscape is painted with beautiful mountain ranges. The new thermal baths at Laugarvatn FONTANA builds on this tradition. We have created a new wellness centre on the very spot where natural geothermal steam and hot springs meet in an environment of unsurpassed beauty. Laugarvatn FONTANA is a highlight of any wellness weekend in Iceland. Laugarvatn FONTANA includes three geothermally heated baths, a sauna and of course the steam bath that is the reason why Laugarvatn FONTANA exists.  A visit to the open air baths at Laugarvatn FONTANA will also give you the opportunity to experience the ever-changing Icelandic weather as the thermal baths can be enjoyed all year around. In fact, wintertime makes the visit to the thermal baths an even more memorable experience. Natural - Relaxing - Geothermal
Laugarvatn FONTANA is composed of a series of interconnected
baths and steam rooms that complement each
other to create a healthy, natural and unique spa experience.
Laugarvatn FONTANA’s three steam rooms, collectively
called GUFAN, have been built over the natural hot spring
that has been used for decades. The temperature in the
rooms varies depending on weather conditions, and is
usually between 40°C (104°F) and 50°C (122°F); humidity
is high. Special grates in the floor of the steam rooms allow
guests to see, hear, and smell the natural hot spring as it
flows under the rooms straight from the ground, creating a
unique and totally natural experience.
Next to the steam room is YLUR, a Finnish-style sauna. The
temperature inside YLUR will be between 80°C (176°F) and
90°C (194°F), with a lower humidity than the steam rooms.
The three interconnected mineral baths are called LAUGA,
SÆLA, and VISKA. Filled with natural geothermal water,
the baths will vary in both depth and temperature. There
will be areas for relaxation and others where there is more
movement, both of water and people.
There will be a café on the premises, with a focus on healthy
refreshments and locally produced delicacies.
Souvenirs and gifts, mostly related to health and wellness,
will be available for purchase at the reception.
Bathing suits, towels and bathrobes will be available for rent.

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