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Thank you so much Gareth for organising such a lovely holiday for us! We gave a basic outline of what we wanted from our holiday and Gareth organised everything. Everything ran very smoothly and what an amazing experience. Thank you for all your suggestions, so glad we took them on

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Videy House

Just a few minu­tes sail­ing from Reykjavík city Viðey Island provi­des an unfor­getta­ble coastal sett­ing for banqu­ets and wedd­ings, con­f­erences, meet­ings and exhi­biti­ons, incenti­ves and unfor­getta­ble group events.

The combination of stunning views, historical ruins and contemporary art pieces make Viðey island something special. Just a short boat-ride takes you to another world, to be explored in your own time. From nesting birds and panoramic views, to Yoko Ono's famous 'Imagine Peace Tower' and Richard Serra's 'Milestones', you'll discover an oasis of peace, beauty and history. Close to shore, but a world away.

The Videy House is one of the country´s oldest build­ing and a significant part of Icelandic architectural history and is known as the first build­ing constructed of stone in Iceland. For vistors, there's a worthwhile historical display found in the basement. Nearby, Hotel Holti opera­tes a restaurant in Videy House and has done so since April 2010. Known as The Gallery Restaurant, the venerable mansion has a very special atmosph­ere and the restaurant is pop­ular among visitors.

How to get to Videy House

During the summertime a ferry goes every hour from Reykjavik to the island and so you are able to visit it, walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Other things to see apart from the nature and bird life is the Imagine Peace Tower by Yoko Ono that represents piece on earth. Every year the Imagine Peace Tower lights up the evening sky in Reykjavík from October 9th (Lennon's day of birth) through December 8th (Lennon's death).  

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