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Iceland Facts & Culture

What is the current population of Iceland? How large is the landmass, and how did it come to form? What are the country's biggest industries, and what language do the Icelanders speak? What are some interesting facts about Iceland rarely heard about? Read on to find out all there is to know about the basic facts and figures relating to Iceland.  

Population:300,000.Iceland (103,000 sq km) is similar in size to England. The majority of the population (60%) is situated in and around the capital city of Reykjavik. Currency:Iceland has its own currency the Icelandic Kronur or ISK the exchange rate is currently approximately 150 ISK to the pound. A beer in Iceland costs 1200 ISK or £8.00, a litre of unleaded petrol costs 220 ISK or £1.40.Time Zone: Iceland is on GMT all year round so in the winter period it is the same as UK but in British Summer time it is 1 hour behind. On 21st June Iceland is truly the land of the midnight sun but on 21st December the day is very short indeed.It is light almost 20 hours a day in June and dark for a similar period in December. Whilst the official language is Icelandic most Icelanders speak two or more other languages. The most common being English, Danish, Swedish and German. Natural hot water is piped from underground springs directly to homes and hotels in Iceland. This is used for heating and drinking water. At first you may notice an unusual smell and this is the sulphur in the water which is harmless

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