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Iceland is open for a lifetime adventure in 2022

In these uncertain times, more than ever, you need to know that you can trust us to help you plan and book your perfect Iceland holiday. Even more so, you deserve to be able to enjoy your holiday knowing that your wellbeing is in good hands, and your booking is secure. For complete peace of mind, Iceland Holidays are giving you the flexibility to make changes to your holiday dates if it has to be cancelled due to COVID-19. We are here to reassure you that you can trust our team with your Iceland holiday plans, knowing that all bookings with us are ATOL protected


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Breathtaking Super Jeep Tours of Iceland

There is much to see and do in Iceland during your holiday vacation. This island offers everything from volcanoes and glaciers to black beaches and natural hot springs. One of the most efficient ways to take in the stunning and breathtaking sights is with super jeep Iceland tours.

What Is the Difference Between an Iceland Jeep Tour and a Super Jeep Tour?

An Iceland jeep tour is typically where you rent a 4x4 vehicle and drive it yourself to see the sights of Iceland. A super jeep tour is where you get personalised attention with your very own local tour guide. The tour guide does all the driving so you can relax, see the sights, and take plenty of pictures.

Super jeeps are highly modified 4x4 vehicles that provide better all-terrain driving to make accessing the numerous non-pave roadways easier. Your driver can navigate larger obstacles and deeper water crossings without getting stuck or wet.

Why Take a Super Jeep Iceland Tour and Not a Bus Tour?

While bus tours are highly popular, they can become overcrowded with numerous tourists. Buses are limited to what roadways they can travel, so you will miss out on many of the hidden destinations only accessible with super jeeps.

One of the primary benefits people enjoy with our Super Jeep Tours of Iceland is having the freedom to go just about anywhere they want to explore and see. Imagine driving up to the edge of a glacier or up the side of a mountain to reach stunning and breathtaking views below!

Essentially, your super jeep Iceland tour is a private tour. There are no large groups, scheduled stops, or crowds to worry about. Instead, you get to access many of the highland and remote areas not accessible with bus tours.

When Are Super Jeeps Tours of Iceland Offered?

You can take super jeep Iceland tours at any time of the year. However, in the winter months, accessing certain destinations is not always possible if there is excessive snow or ice that make traveling dangerous.

Some of the more popular super jeep tours people enjoy include:

  • Super Jeep Northern Lights Tour of Iceland
  • Borgarfjord and Ice Cave Super Jeep Iceland Tour
  • Diamond Circle Super Jeep Tour
  • Super Jeep Porsmork Tour
  • Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon Super Jeep Tour
  • Super Jeep Tour and Snowmobiling
  • Thormsmork Valley and Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Sights Super Iceland Jeep Tour

You may also request to customise super jeep tours of Iceland if there are specific sights you want to see on your holiday vacation.

What Does Off-Road Mean in Iceland?

There can be some confusion about what off-road means in Iceland. Some tourists think it is driving on terrain that is not part of a trail or non-paved roadway. However, this type of off-road driving in Iceland is illegal. The term refers to driving on non-paved roads and other allowed areas, like mountain trails or crossing a river that is part of a non-paved roadway.

To learn more about super jeep tours of Iceland or to book a tour, please feel free to contact Iceland Holidays today!

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