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What to wear in Iceland

One of the biggest questions we get from our customers before they set off on their incredible holiday is: what should we wear to Iceland?  What you pack for Iceland can be crucial as the weather is highly unpredictable so it worth being prepared for every scenario. 

Warmed by the Gulf Stream, winter temperatures are surprisingly similar to those of Vienna or Milan, while in summer they are usually in the range of 10-16°C.  You can expect a mixture of sunny and cloudy conditions as well as rain and wind, sometimes in a single day. In winter, snow comes and goes, and with the days being much shorter, it is more often dark than light.

We recommend being prepared for cold, windy and even stormy conditions no matter what time of year you visit. Pack to accommodate up to three layers of clothing, particularly if you are planning on spending nights searching for the northern lights. Layering really is the key, so take be prepared to wear a base layer, warm sweater, thermal outdoor trousers, a thick waterproof jacket with a hood, some sturdy hiking boots and of course a warm hat, scarf and gloves.

If you are planning on visiting places like the Blue Lagoon or Secret Lagoon, don’t forget to take a swimming costume and flip flops as well. And if visiting in the summer, don’t be fooled by the cooler temperatures and make sure to bring some sunglasses and sunscreen too as the sun can be strong and linger low on the horizon. Although not clothing – but we can’t recommend enough taking a really good camera too, especially if you are wanting to capture the beauty of Iceland’s northern lights!

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